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MBA: theory plus practice. The director of Astana School of Management and Business Alexey Rau is sure that knowledge of the MBA program has to be applicable in life.

It is considered that МBA degree (Master of Business Administration) promotes career growth, and the top-manager simply must be the master of business administration. Many higher education institutions in Kazakhstan offer learning on MBA programs. However, how can we estimate efficiency of these programs?

“The main problem is that during studying in local institutions for MBA program students have no opportunity to put into practice the acquired knowledge, –says Alexey Rau – Also, not all students understand the whole essence and purpose of the program”.

Alexey is the graduate of SBS Swiss Business School, and now heads the company that is the official representative of this school in Astana. He told us how to make a right choice when that entails learning the MBA programs.

– First of all, it is necessary to have a clear view for what you are getting business education in the MBA format, – says Alexey. – If the degree is needed just like that as many people receive it today “for show”, then you can go to any educational institution. Our school prepares qualified personnel for the government institutes, corporate segment as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Because those groups are compact, the teacher has an opportunity to work individually with each student of our programs: MBA, Executive MBA, MPA and DBA.

       What is the difference between Astana School of Management and Business from other schools in Kazakhstan?

The most important thing is the compliance with the international standards. Each graduate of school gains the diploma of SBS, which recognized around the world. In addition, the school is based on the consulting agency, therefore the special attention is paid to the practical component of learning process.

– We offer the convenient form of education – our academic programs are very flexible and convenient, training adapts to you, and not vice versa, – says Alexey. – Besides, our school provides a wide network of corporate contacts that is important in the conducting of international business. In addition, we focus on business ethics, considering that it is the extremely important and actual in Kazakhstan. Also, I would like to emphasize the fact that all classes in MBA and other programs take place in Astana, without departure abroad.

      We asked Alexey why one of requirements for matriculation to the school is the existence of professional experience?

– At our school, we made existence of professional experience an indispensable condition for admission to the MBA, – he says. – When you have the practical experience then learning process is easier and more effectively, because the person knows what he wants, and what knowledge is not enough for him. Our teachers give quite dynamic classes using the advanced technologies adapted for modern realities, therefore it will be difficult for the person who does not have complete idea of an essence of MBA and necessary motivation to acquire all this. In addition, classes are focused on people for whom it is important to get the quality education on-the-job.

Kazakhstan now is in desperate need of top-managers at all levels: in enterprise and corporate spheres, government institutions. The role of employees with the correct business thinking who can solve long-standing problems of business development is increasing. The contribution of the Astana School of Management and Business in this theme is the MPA course (the Master of Public Administration) which is based on the theory and practical experience of the best teachers. During the studying process aside from learning new techniques, tools and the technician in the field of public administration, students also spend the international experience in the area of interaction between government and business.

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