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Astana School of Management and Business in Astana seeks to become one of the world’s best business schools

If you often hear about our school and you have a desire to see it firsthand, then we invite you to visit Open Days on such academic programs at Astana School of Management and Business as Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Executive Master of Business Administration (ExMBA).

The goal of our school is to teach and graduate more than 5,000 graduates by 2020, to improve academic programs and internships in Switzerland for our students, to work with the best professionals in Kazakhstan, CIS countries, Europe, to establish long-term collaboration, mutually beneficial relationships and mutual understanding as well as to make Astana School of Management and Business the brand name in the market of business education. Consequently, we aim to raise the requirements and criteria for those who enters Astana School of Management and Business, because the School will strive to educate the best professionals.

Each year, we are working to improve the quality of our services in business training, improve every business process, discuss each idea and seek to implement it within our Astana School of Management and Business. We conduct training in Astana since 1998. Our 17-year experience enables us now to offer only the best products to our students which include business courses, training modules, the best lecturers, a convenient time for training, training language, professional advice, feedback, and the internship in Switzerland.

Our prime advantage is that we teach our students how to run a business, how to understand the international language of business as well as we provide training that is more practical.

Astana School of Management and Business teaches the program of Swiss Business School in full accordance with the academic process. For this very reason, it was accredited by a number of high-profile European and American accreditation organizations. Teachers prepare for lectures starting out from the professional composition of the group and focusing on the needs of our students. MBA students have the opportunity to actively communicate with highly qualified professors in the classes, keep in touch by correspondence, and even collaborate on business. Our graduates also have the opportunity to receive a diploma at the graduation ceremony in Switzerland.

The most important thing that you need to do is to interpret your own goal and to understand if you will able to reach these goals and objectives studying at our Astana School of Management and Business. If you made your choice, we are waiting for you in the walls of our school.

Once the students graduated our school, we always keep in touch with them and rejoice at their professional success.


The door of Astana School of Management and Business is always open for our current and prospective customers


If you are thinking about which program you should choose and if you have any questions about requirements for the students and want to learn more about the opportunities provided by our school, feel free to call on +7 (7172) 42-05-02 or on our website Do not hesitate to learn information on our business school or write us to, We are located in Astana, 5 Baitursynova Street, HIGHVILL, D3 Block, Office 39.


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